Pharrell Williams X adidas Originals | “Dear Baes” Women’s Collection


Is anyone keeping count? Producer, musician and king of collaborations, Pharrell Williams teams up once again with adidas Originals to produce a collection of womenswear called, wait for it… “Dear Baes.” Thankfully the collection’s lineup is less nauseating than its name. Inspired by his Williams’ collective of back up performers The Baes, the collection offers a range that includes basketball tanks, classic track pants, cropped tops, oversized tees and more. Right on the heels of the 90s sportswear trend, all pieces from the lineup feature bold prints and colors taken from Pharrell’s Supercolour Range. In short, the collection has you covered.

Pieces from the collection are available for purchase now. Shop here. 

adidas-originals-pharrell-williams-dear-baes-tour-pack-coleção-8 pharrell-dear-baes-womens-collection-adidas-originals-4 adidas-pharrell-dear-baes1-1024x729 pharrell-dear-baes-womens-collection-adidas-originals-7-1024x683 pharrell-dear-baes-womens-collection-adidas-originals-6 pharrell-dear-baes-womens-collection-adidas-originals-2 DSC_7676-821x1024 adidas-originals-pharrell-williams-dear-baes-tour-pack-coleção-11


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