Artist Recreates Kanye’s ‘Bound 2′ as a Children’s Book


Kim and Kanye’s epic love story gets a makeover with NYC based graphic designer Zal Tebbal’s Bound 2Gether: Kanye West’s 2013 hit reimagined into a children’s book.

The book sees Kanye falling in love with Kim Kardashian as a baby chick. In true fashion of the modern romance, Ye ditchs the birds upon realizing Kim in the only chick he needs. Tebbal told The Fader that he made the storybook as a part of his senior design thesis at the School of Visual Arts this year.

“The prompt was to take an important piece of art and translate it into another medium,” he says. “The translation of Bound 2 into a children’s book felt appropriate because the only audience that Kanye isn’t reaching right now is toddlers, and they are missing out on some of the important life lessons that Kanye has to offer”… “As a big Kanye fan, I felt the need to fill this void.”

What a lovely sentiment. Check out more work from the artist, here.

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