VSCO Releases Film® 00: A Free Film Starter Pack


Before the launch of the VSCO Cam photo editing app, the company was primarily producers of film packs for digital photography editing. Yesterday, VSCO released the Film Pack 00 as a free download for photo editing in Lightroom. Featuring two of the more popular presets, Kodak Gold 100 and Tri-x Push/Pull, the pack will include 30 variations of both presets, more dynamic range and color control. The “Film 00” pack is available now and perfect for those looking to expand their VSCO editing to desktop. You can also download a free trial of the new Lightroom 6.

Visit VSCO’s store now to pick up the free pack, in the meantime, check out the site Looks Like Film, one of VSCO’s user showcase websites. vsco-releases-film-00-film-starter-pack-for-free-2 vsco-releases-film-00-film-starter-pack-for-free-3 vsco-releases-film-00-film-starter-pack-for-free-4 vsco-releases-film-00-film-starter-pack-for-free-5


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