LRG Girls Spring 2015 Cookbook


Haven’t seen a whole lot of releases from LRG since their heyday back in the early 2000s, but the brand is back with a new drool worthy women’s collection just in time for Spring.

LRG presents their latest Spring/Summer collection for women in a lookbook inspired by the season itself. The colorful campaign includes a range of casual womenswear including sweaters, cropped tops, tanks, leggings and jerseys. Personal favorites from the collection include the Acid Palm Sweater (also comes in black) and the matching Acid Palm leggings. Check out more from the lookbook and pick up some Spring ready pieces at LRG’s webstore. 

Untitled_00122_HOT3 Untitled_00151_HOT Untitled_00069_HOT2 Untitled_00043_HOT Untitled_00155_HOT Untitled_00054_HOT2 Untitled_00185_HOT2 Untitled_00296_HOT2 Untitled_00108_HOT Untitled_00318_HOT Untitled_00168_HOT2 Untitled_00032_HOT4 Untitled_00244_HOT3


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