JumpFromPaper SS 2015 Collection


Taiwan-based accessory brand JumpFromPaper, known for their 2D graphic bags, presents their latest collection just in time for Spring. The ‘Girl Gang Power’ Collection features a new line of bags including the Adventure backpack, Summer Breeze handbag, Boyhood messenger bag and a mini coin purse in bold colors. Pieces from the collection range form $30USD to $110USD. Check out more from the collection below and see more from the Spring/Summer 2015 collection here. 

JumpFromPaper-2015-SS-Website-Lookbook-01-2ygubqm7p2sf368qgnytc0JumpFromPaper-2015-SS-Website-Lookbook-03-2ygubqqqjdblv7zluj5gxs JumpFromPaper-2015-SS-Website-Lookbook-07-2ygubqzs7ydzfbhcm9is5c JumpFromPaper-2015-SS-Website-Lookbook-06-2ygubqzs7ydzfbhcm9is5c JumpFromPaper-2015-SS-Website-Lookbook-02-2ygubqqqjdblv7zluj5gxs JumpFromPaper-2015-SS-Website-Lookbook-04-2ygubqv9dnusn9qh8ec4jkJumpFromPaper-2015SS-Website-Lookbook-00-2ygubqd60hq1j2qzoxli4g


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