Anna Ewers for Mango SS 2015



Mango’s giving some serious 70s vibes with their latest Spring/Summer collection. Featuring model Anna Ewers and shot by photographer Josh Olins, the collection embodies everything effortless about women’s fashion in the 70s. Paisley and floral motifs are present int the installment, with the addiction of groovy favorites, flared leg jeans, loose fitting tops and suede. Check out more from the collection below and shop it here. 

Anna-Ewers-Mango-Spring-Summer-2015-16-620x877 Anna-Ewers-Mango-Spring-Summer-2015-14-620x453 Anna-Ewers-Mango-Spring-Summer-2015-13-620x391 Anna-Ewers-Mango-Spring-Summer-2015-08-620x584 Anna-Ewers-Mango-Spring-Summer-2015-10-620x402 Anna-Ewers-Mango-Spring-Summer-2015-15-620x332 Anna-Ewers-Mango-Spring-Summer-2015-11-620x587 Anna-Ewers-Mango-Spring-Summer-2015-07-620x784 Anna-Ewers-Mango-Spring-Summer-2015-09-620x584 Anna-Ewers-Mango-Spring-Summer-2015-06-620x917 Anna-Ewers-Mango-Spring-Summer-2015-17-620x877 Anna-Ewers-Mango-Spring-Summer-2015-03-620x784 Anna-Ewers-Mango-Spring-Summer-2015-05-620x976 Anna-Ewers-Mango-Spring-Summer-2015-12-620x917 Anna-Ewers-Mango-Spring-Summer-2015-02-620x730 Anna-Ewers-Mango-Spring-Summer-2015-04-620x784


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