Public School PRE-FALL 2015


Public School designers Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne release images from their forthcoming womenswear featuring looks that combine masculine and feminine concepts, turning the brand’s women’s division into a stand-alone entity. Sleek, minimal with a hint on 90s sportswear, the offering is tomboy style, all the way.  Stand out pieces include the quilt stitched leather panel sweater and the patterned short sleeved shift dress. Basically shapeless, but will go well with a pair of white converses or a sleek pair of pumps if you’re up for it. Check out more from Public School’s womenswear collection below.

Public-School-Pre-Fall-2015-8-600x899 Public-School-Pre-Fall-2015-1-600x899 Public-School-Pre-Fall-2015-9-600x899 Public-School-Pre-Fall-2015-5-600x899 Public-School-Pre-Fall-2015-7-600x899 Public-School-Pre-Fall-2015-4-600x899 Public-School-Pre-Fall-2015-2-600x899 Public-School-Pre-Fall-2015-3-600x899


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