The Sony Walkman ZX2


Sony unveils its latest walkman design this past week, and it’s definitely something to behold.

Long gone are the days of the 90s era Walkman, when users fast forward and guessed where to stop (if using a cassette player) or carry around a shit ton of you favorite CD’s to play, cause your tastes may change midday. Or the struggle of fitting the clunky design into the “too small” pocket on your favorite starter jacket. Back then the retail price was anywhere from $50 – $150 for a decent model, for any of you audiophiles or bearded nostalgic 90s kids, this remake of a timeless piece of your childhood may set you back financially.


Retailing for a whopping $1,120USD, the new Sony ZX2 Walkman will deliver an amazing audio experience, but at an exceptionally high price. Revealed at this week’s CES show in Las Vegas, the price comes with the ability to store over 1,700 songs as high-res audio files in its 128GB

Successor to the ZX1, the Walkman ZX2 features a matte black casing, with a curved side that includes easy to access playback buttons. The design runs on 4.2 Jelly Bean (an older Android OS) and gives the user access to play apps from Google Play. It supports DSD, AIFF, FLAC, WAV, Apple Lossless, and more. The device also includes Bluetooth capability allowing wireless streaming and NFC for one-touch connection to the headphones and speakers.

The Walkman ZX2 will go on sale in stores this spring.



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