LISTEN: Abra, “U Go I Go”


Awful Records, an Atlanta based label known mostly for its lineup of male rappers releases music from London-born artist Abra.  “U Go I Go,” the singer’s debut single is soulful, yet eerie with her laid back melodic vocals coasting on a hard thumping instrumental. The track is the first to be release from the singer’s freshman project titled, Blaq Velvet EP.

“I am really excited to release Blaq Velvet. I feel like lyrically, it is a collection statement of all the things I have learned this year. Sometimes when I first write a song the content can be kind of heavy, but I am not trying to weigh anyone down with my music. I usually write a lot of dark, lo fi music but for this, I wanted it to have a throwback vibe reminiscent to the music that made me feel good, inspired me, and made me fall in love with music. It was fun to mix the two.”

Check out “U Go I Go” below, and follow Abra on her website here.



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