Hello Kitty x The Simpsons by JapanLA Clothing


JapanLA Clothing creates a new collection featuring a mashup of two iconic pop culture kings, Hello Kitty and The Simpsons. The collection includes a variety of comfy pieces like The Village Party Dress, The Village Crop Tee, The Village Skirt, Kwik-E-Mart Boxy Tee, The Family Tunic Dress, and Hello Kitty & Bart Cardigan.. A personal favorite, is The Couch Poncho Sweater. JapanLA founder Jamie Rivadeniera says,

“Seeing [Hello Kitty and the Simpsons] together and interacting is really exciting. I think that’s why everyone gets excited… It’s something you wouldn’t imagine. They did it, you see it and it makes sense, and looks very cute. It’s Hello Kitty making The Simpsons even cuter.”

All pieces from the collection will include the characters drawn in Hello Kitty style, stubby limbs and all. Pieces will be priced from $65 to $160 USD.Check out more below, and cop a piece from the collection, now on sale at select retailers including Sanrio.com and ModCloth.

HK-S-166 HK-S-337 HK-S-081 HK-S-037 HK-S-109 HK-S-147 HK-S-241 HK-S-292


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