Girls Season 4 Trailer Shows Love Triangle, Arrests and Faux Showers

If the new seasons poster is any inkling of how good the seasons going to be, we’re in for a treat.

Girls has definitely come a long way from its first season. Notable moments include Hannah’s rude awakening to being cut off by her parents, Marnie’s existential crisis, Jessa’s relapse and Shoshanna’s weekly blowups. The show quickly went from sweet and quirky to anxiety inducing and is now one of the most accurate portrayals of life after college. (for most people anyway)

Looks like Season 4 may show us both sides of the post grad struggle, depending on how you look at it. You either grow up and deal, or reach the end of each day with the realization that adulthood kind of fucking sucks.

No where to grow but up.”

Check out promo art below, the trailer in the video above, and binge watch the first two seasons until the 4th’s premier on January 11.



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