Coach x Peanuts Featuring Snoopy Collection


Coach brings in the 45th anniversary of Peanuts with the cutest installment ever! The Coach X Peanuts collection features a line of limited edition handbags, accessories and tags set to release this November.

Coach has embossed and printed some of Charles M. Schulz’s most iconic drawings of Snoopy and the gang onto Retro Glove Tan cowhide, our most iconic leather.

Check out more from the collection below and be on the lookout for its release next month.

33697_a4 33697_a8 33725_a4 33694_m2 33693_svbk_a0 1410635647544 33693_a8 33698_a4 33698_a8 33694_a8 33694_a4 33694_svsd_a0 33694_a3 52520_svbk_a0 33694_svbk_a0 1410635660040 33695_a8 33695_svbk_a0-1 33725_a8 1410635632461 1411329962418 63187_a1 63167_a1


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