Get ready to dance in your seat. Kitty Cash recently created and released a sensual mix for African-inspired Amsterdam based clothing brand Daily Paper, and it’s everything. The DJ had this to say about the 25min mix,

When I created this mix, I was having a discussion through my song selection about being “Love Sick.” Whether it is rekindling a flame, finding new love, or reflecting on a lost love…we all have of these moments of being love sick. I want to say I made this mix at 1:30 am with a glass of wine… haha I was having a moment.
When I think of heritage I think of my roots and my origin. With that being said, I always tap into the sounds that are familiar to me or the sounds that I grew up on. Growing up my mom played a lot of Portuguese, African, and Soul music. My dad played a lot reggae and soca…there are specific melodies and drums that speak to my heart in regards to the music that I love to listen to and play. I would say it is a result of my heritage.

Take a listen to the mix below.


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