Marcelo Burlon County of Milan Womenswear Fall/Winter 2014 Lookbook


Can I just…

Marcelo Burlon continues to go all the way in with County of Milan’s women’s collection, honestly one of the few brands that release serious installments worth looking at. Enter its Fall/Winter 2014 lookbook. Featuring select pieces from the collection, the lookbook maintains that cool factor the brand is known for, using a masculine aesthetic without sacrificing femininity. T shirt, sweatshirts, leggings and hoodies covered in bold prints are heavily featured. Not to be left out, is the designers distinct kaleidoscope bird wing motif featured on 3 tees, and a dramatic shawl. Check out more from the collection below.

marcelo-burlon-county-of-milan-fallwinter-2014-lookbook-17 marcelo-burlon-county-of-milan-fallwinter-2014-lookbook-21 marcelo-burlon-county-of-milan-fallwinter-2014-lookbook-43 marcelo-burlon-county-of-milan-fallwinter-2014-lookbook-29 marcelo-burlon-county-of-milan-fallwinter-2014-lookbook-07 marcelo-burlon-county-of-milan-fallwinter-2014-lookbook-30 marcelo-burlon-county-of-milan-fallwinter-2014-lookbook-23 marcelo-burlon-county-of-milan-fallwinter-2014-lookbook-26-1 marcelo-burlon-county-of-milan-fallwinter-2014-lookbook-38 marcelo-burlon-county-of-milan-fallwinter-2014-lookbook-33 marcelo-burlon-county-of-milan-fallwinter-2014-lookbook-44 marcelo-burlon-county-of-milan-fallwinter-2014-lookbook-13 marcelo-burlon-county-of-milan-fallwinter-2014-lookbook-45 marcelo-burlon-county-of-milan-fallwinter-2014-lookbook-04


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