Fujifilm Announces the Compact X100T


Fujifilm has just announced the compact X100T, the latest model of its X-series now featuring a new electronic range finder and automatic brightness controls. The model now include the same 16MP APS-C X- Trans CMOS II sensor seen in the previous model (X100S) and comes with a fixed 23mm prime lens.

Additional perks include an LCD upgrade, now offering a 1.04M dot 3″ LCD, a wider ±3 exposure compensation dial, an aperture ring with 1/3 steps and seven customizable Fn buttons. The X100T comes in a silver, or all-black options, and will retail for $1299.95USD.

Be on the lookout for its release mid-November.

fujifilm-x100t-hybrid-viewfinder-02-960x640 fujifilm-x100t-hybrid-viewfinder-03-960x640 fujifilm-x100t-hybrid-viewfinder-04-960x640


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