Nike Air Force 1 “Pearl” Pack


Pearls ought to be a girl’s best friend. Nike is back at it again with another women specific pack, the Air Force 1 “Pearl” collection. The installment features three classic silhouettes, with an iridescent spin: Air Force 1 Hi and low, and the Air Force 1 Lunar Sky Hi. A favorite of the pack is definitely the Air Force 1 Hi. The iconic staying power of the silhouette is amazing, with its ability to be reimagined and reinvented time after time. The Nike AF1 Iridescent Pearl Collection is set to launch  September 12th, be on the lookout for the drop, and see more images of the pack below.

940x707q80 940x604q80 940x813q80 940x995q80 940x513q80 940x650q80 940x593q80 940x772q80 940x994q80 940x516q80


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