Moscow based women’s and kids brand, F L A S H I N’, presents its latest Spring-Summer 2015 collection. The collection features crop tops, pleated skirts, sweaters and dresses with feminine silhouettes and a sportswear aesthetic. If you’re about bright colors, hand embroidery and sequins, you’ll love the lookbook. Check out more below, and be sure to shop the collection here.

Flashin-Spring-Summer-2015-Lookbook-12-600x900 Flashin-Spring-Summer-2015-Lookbook-3-600x900 Flashin-Spring-Summer-2015-Lookbook-5-600x900 Flashin-Spring-Summer-2015-Lookbook-2-600x900 Flashin-Spring-Summer-2015-Lookbook-13-600x900 Flashin-Spring-Summer-2015-Lookbook-4-600x900 Flashin-Spring-Summer-2015-Lookbook-6-600x900 Flashin-Spring-Summer-2015-Lookbook-7-600x900 Flashin-Spring-Summer-2015-Lookbook-8-600x900 Flashin-Spring-Summer-2015-Lookbook-1-600x900 Flashin-Spring-Summer-2015-Lookbook-10-600x900


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