UK based fashion label Olive and Frank has released photos from their latest lookbook, and featuring sun, cigs and fun at the pier. Shot on film by Vicky Chambers, the collection captures the essence of the season that’s slowing slipping away from us. (insert sad face)

Styled in some select pieces from Olive and Frank’s collection, the lookbook includes everything from graphic print tees to jeans, to crop tops. Check our more from the summer themed lookbook below, and visit the brand’s webshop here.

olive_and_frank_lookbook_the_cool_hour_8 olive_and_frank_lookbook_the_cool_hour_5 olive_and_frank_lookbook_the_cool_hour_2 olive_and_frank_lookbook_the_cool_hour_6 olive_and_frank_lookbook_the_cool_hour_1 olive_and_frank_lookbook_the_cool_hour_4 olive_and_frank_lookbook_the_cool_hour_3 olive_and_frank_lookbook_the_cool_hour_7


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