Mishka Fall/Winter 2014 Lookbook


NYC based streetwear label Mishka releases photos from their Fall/Winter lookbook. Inspired by the images in a tarot card deck, the collection aims to recreate themes of death, sin and vice. This season installment features graphic printed tops, tees and jackets, caps and accessories. Take a look at the collection below, and be sure to visit their webstore.

mishka-fall-winter-2014-lookbook-12-300x450 mishka-fall-winter-2014-lookbook-15-300x450 mishka-fall-winter-2014-lookbook-3-300x450 mishka-fall-winter-2014-lookbook-18-300x450 mishka-fall-winter-2014-lookbook-11-300x450 mishka-fall-winter-2014-lookbook-8-300x450 mishka-fall-winter-2014-lookbook-10-300x450 mishka-fall-winter-2014-lookbook-9-300x450 mishka-fall-winter-2014-lookbook-13-300x450 mishka-fall-winter-2014-lookbook-6-300x450 mishka-fall-winter-2014-lookbook-2-300x450 mishka-fall-winter-2014-lookbook-14-300x450 mishka-fall-winter-2014-lookbook-7-300x450 mishka-fall-winter-2014-lookbook-16-300x450 mishka-fall-winter-2014-lookbook-17-300x450 mishka-fall-winter-2014-lookbook-5-300x450 mishka-fall-winter-2014-lookbook-19-300x450 mishka-fall-winter-2014-lookbook-4-300x450


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