Wrecking Ball Necklace by TO+WN Design


Design duo Tracy Ong and William Ngo of TO+WN Design, has created a Miley Cyrus inspired piece to add to your jewelry collection. Apart of their jewelry series “The World is Your Oyster“, the design sees a brass rendering of Miley Cyrus sitting atop a pearl, referencing her now iconic video for, “Wrecking Ball.”

Priced at $64USD, the piece was digitally modeled, 3d printed, then cast in brass and hand polished. The necklace, among other pieces, will be available for a limited time at the brand’s Etsy shop, where 5% of the proceeds will be donated to UNICEF. Take a closer look below.

2-necklace-inspired-by-miley-cyruss-wrecking-ball-video-by-town-design-750x450 1-necklace-inspired-by-miley-cyruss-wrecking-ball-video-by-town-design-750x400


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