ADIDAS ORIGINALS: Stripes and Leather Capsule Collection


adidas Originals releases its latest capsule collection for women in an installment called Stripes and Leather. As the name suggests, the collection includes striped pieces, decorated with leather accents. Featured pieces included ribbed tanks, oversized sweatshirts, relaxed fit long tees and jogger pants. Details  include graphic type, and Varsity appliqués; blending style with simplicity and classic with modern. Check out more form the upcoming Stripes and Leather Collection, set for release August 1st.

adidas-originals-womens-stripes-and-leather-capsule-collection-05-570x760 adidas-originals-womens-stripes-and-leather-capsule-collection-10-570x760 adidas-originals-womens-stripes-and-leather-capsule-collection-09-570x760 adidas-originals-womens-stripes-and-leather-capsule-collection-07-570x427 adidas-originals-womens-stripes-and-leather-capsule-collection-01 adidas-originals-womens-stripes-and-leather-capsule-collection-04-570x427 adidas-originals-womens-stripes-and-leather-capsule-collection-08-570x760 adidas-originals-womens-stripes-and-leather-capsule-collection-03-570x760 adidas-originals-womens-stripes-and-leather-capsule-collection-02-570x760


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