Style Picks: Jogger Pants by Publish


So jogger pants are definitely having a moment right now. Not exactly chinos or sweats, the pants are perfect for the bummy chic look so many millennials have down pact (myself included) Thankfully we live in a time where the lines of comfort and style are blurred, so you can literally wear them to bed, wake up slap on some trainers and a camo jacket, and it looks like you tried.

Check out Publish’s Jogger Pants featuring water-resistant and stain-repellent fabric with a 2% stretch for added comfort. The design boasts durability with the use of reinforced paneling coming in six different color options offering a wide range of versatility. The long awaited women’s jogger pant styled with the right details, could create an outfit your RA will be proud of. Check out some style options below, and cop a pair from Publish’s webshop here.

thesnobette-publish-womens-jogger-10 thesnobette-publish-womens-jogger-18 thesnobette-publish-womens-jogger-2 thesnobette-publish-womens-jogger-13 thesnobette-publish-womens-jogger-19 thesnobette-publish-womens-jogger-1 thesnobette-publish-womens-jogger-5 thesnobette-publish-womens-jogger-12 thesnobette-publish-womens-jogger-20 thesnobette-publish-womens-jogger-9 thesnobette-publish-womens-jogger-6 thesnobette-publish-womens-jogger-7 thesnobette-publish-womens-jogger-17 thesnobette-publish-womens-jogger-15 thesnobette-publish-womens-jogger-14


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