Taka Hayashi x Billykirk Duffle Bag


Vans Vault designer Taka Hayashi collaborates with the Bray Brothers of Billykirk to create a duffle bag for Fall 2014. Featuring an all over tan canvas with a contrasting white palm print, the bag also includes a woven Chimayo fabric lining as the perfect contrast to the exterior. The duffel also includes a premium leather base, with matching saddle handles and locking buckle straps. The duffle has been created in limited numbers and is now available at The Vans DQM General in New York. Check out more below.

Vans DQM
93 Grand St, New York, NY 10013
(212) 226-7776

taka-hayashi-billykirk-duffle-bag-2-630x420 taka-hayashi-billykirk-duffle-bag-3-630x420 taka-hayashi-billykirk-duffle-bag-4-630x420 taka-hayashi-billykirk-duffle-bag-5-630x420


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