Music Video: Lykke Li, “Gunshot”

“I’m longing for your poison like a cancer for its prey, I shot an arrow in your heart where you waited in the rain”

Lykke Li premiers her latest video for the song, “Gunshot”, filmed in Paris by directors, Fleur and Manu. As the dark title suggests, the Swedish songstress compares a failed relationship to a bullet going through her head, donning monochromatic makeup, and performing in an abandoned parking lot amidst a mourning parade. When it came to writing the track, the songstress says,

“I wrote Gunshot straight after a meditation I had and the words just came out kind of violent words. So this is also the moment in, in a relationship where you’ve fucked up and some things you can never take back. I think that a lot of people can relate to that moment where it’s just gone forever”

Check out the video above and be on the lookout for her upcoming album, I Never Learn.


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