Reflections From Above: Photo Series by Donna Dotan


Honestly, how many times have you taken photos of skyscrapers in the city. Breathtaking as they may be, they’re from a perspective we’ve seen already, down below, from a rooftop, or even on your commute to work. But how many of them have you seen captured from the top looking straight down?

Enter architectural photographer Donna DotanHer personal photography series “Reflections From Above”, as the name suggests, captures New York from a bird’s eye view. Using the reflectivity of the glass exteriors found on many NY skyscrapers, Dotan takes advantage and creates the illusion of a symmetrical world. Lights, colors and even people add to the reflections to create a surreal feel to each photo.

“I just think symmetry is beautiful … it makes the images almost abstract,” Dotan says for an interview withMashable. “If you were just looking down from a tall glass building, you’d see an incredible view of the city streets.”

See more of Dotan’s work below, and check out her instagram and website.

1404998641_donnadotan_82911 1404998626_donnadotan_78821


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