A Bathing Ape 2014 Fall/Winter Ladies Collection

a-bathing-ape-2014-fall-winter-ladies-collection-2 A Bathing Ape releases its Fall/Winter 2014 ladies collection for the upcoming season, and it’s pretty amazing. The brand always goes in for the ladies collection, and the fall/winter offering is no different.

The brand’s streetwear inspiration is pretty obvious with staple pieces like, sweat shirts, hoodies and bomber jackets. Select pieces feature camp motifs, (a trend that’s been picking up traction since the beginning of this year) the Ape Head logo, and bold graphics on tees, skirts and beanies. A Bathing Ape Ladies Collection will release later on this year, but in the meantime, check out more from the seasons offering below.

a-bathing-ape-2014-fall-winter-ladies-collection-20 a-bathing-ape-2014-fall-winter-ladies-collection-9 a-bathing-ape-2014-fall-winter-ladies-collection-16 a-bathing-ape-2014-fall-winter-ladies-collection-4 a-bathing-ape-2014-fall-winter-ladies-collection-13 a-bathing-ape-2014-fall-winter-ladies-collection-5 a-bathing-ape-2014-fall-winter-ladies-collection-12 a-bathing-ape-2014-fall-winter-ladies-collection-14 a-bathing-ape-2014-fall-winter-ladies-collection-8 a-bathing-ape-2014-fall-winter-ladies-collection-18 a-bathing-ape-2014-fall-winter-ladies-collection-11 a-bathing-ape-2014-fall-winter-ladies-collection-19 a-bathing-ape-2014-fall-winter-ladies-collection-7 a-bathing-ape-2014-fall-winter-ladies-collection-22 a-bathing-ape-2014-fall-winter-ladies-collection-10 a-bathing-ape-2014-fall-winter-ladies-collection-1 a-bathing-ape-2014-fall-winter-ladies-collection-15 a-bathing-ape-2014-fall-winter-ladies-collection-21 a-bathing-ape-2014-fall-winter-ladies-collection-6 a-bathing-ape-2014-fall-winter-ladies-collection-17 a-bathing-ape-2014-fall-winter-ladies-collection-3


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