Plny Lala Lookbook Summer 2014


Poland based label Plny Lala releases their latest lookbook featuring some fun, and a few gender neutral styles for the summer. The collection features oversized tees, basketball shorts, sweatshirts and their signature Lala pegged leg sweatpants. Check out more from the summer lookbook below, and check out more here.

snobette-plnylala-summer-2014-13 snobette-plnylala-summer-2014-18 snobette-plnylala-summer-2014-7 snobette-plnylala-summer-2014-12 snobette-plnylala-summer-2014-14 snobette-plnylala-summer-2014-11 snobette-plnylala-summer-2014-15 snobette-plnylala-summer-2014-20 snobette-plnylala-summer-2014-6 snobette-plnylala-summer-2014-2 snobette-plnylala-summer-2014-16 snobette-plnylala-summer-2014-3 snobette-plnylala-summer-2014-4 snobette-plnylala-summer-2014-17 snobette-plnylala-summer-2014-5 snobette-plnylala-summer-2014-10 snobette-plnylala-summer-2014-9


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