Lazy Oaf presents their latest Summer collection in a lookbook called “Space Oddity.” Drawing inspiration from 60’s sci-fi B Movies, the collection includes pom pons, circle skirts, fuzzy jackets and the brand’s signature graphic prints.

Join Claudia as she waves bye-bye to planet earth, suits up in her space suit and blasts off into the vastness of the universe to find a brand new sparkling fluffy planet that she can call home…

Shop the collection now at

Film: James Rees
Model: Claudia Gould
Hair Stylist: Ranelle Chapman
Make Up and Nail Art: Tabby Casto

Lazy Oaf: Space Oddity from Lazy Oaf on Vimeo.

lazy_oaf_space_oddity_5 lazy_oaf_space_oddity_6 lazy_oaf_space_oddity_9 lazy_oaf_space_oddity_3 lazy_oaf_space_oddity_1_2 lazy_oaf_space_oddity_4 lazy_oaf_space_oddity_7 lazy_oaf_space_oddity_2


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