WATCH: MØ “Walk This Way” Music Video

i-D Magazine premiers MØ’s latest music video for her song, “Walk This Way.” Set at an abandoned stadium, the video follows MØ and friends, on a field, in the gym, and on the track mobbing basically. i-D Magazine teamed up with the singer in collaboration for the video, and was directed by Emile Rafael. Noisey sat down with i.D’s Fashion Editor Jack Borkett to speak about the styling for the video. Borkett says,

The inspiration was kind of Eastern Bloc, Eastern European style. I didn’t want anything to be too luxurious. I thought of how pop stars now are overly styled, so I wanted it to believable and to look like she could actually wear these things. Looking at what she’s worn before, I went along with what she likes and then mixed in luxurious, cool designs to make it seem real… I’ve always liked that bad, schoolgirl kind of look, like those girls who walk down the corridor and everything goes in slow motion, that bitchy look like the girls who are in The Craft. That was the same style with the backup dancers too, which I thought would be cute that they would be uniformed. I wanted to keep them quite similar and not change a lot throughout. Karen really likes black, so I tried to get her out of that.

Check out the video, and behind the scenes photos below.

1402937078LJC_200514_008_S1_0008edit 1402937078LJC_200514_006_S1_0003 1402937080LJC_200514_004_S1_0005 1402937079LJC_200514_008_S1_0004EDIT

[photos via Noisey]



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