Trichophilia: A Celebration of Body Hair by Mandy Roos


Designer Mandy Roos  has created a series called, “Trichophilia”, a fashion collection that celebrates body hair on the female body. Her series suggests leaving armpit hair, and pubic hair, and other areas unkempt to break the taboo about the natural state of the body. The series of underwear and bras were named after Trichophilia, a term used to describe the fetishism of hair. The “hair” on each piece is actually yarn, and it’s knitted and woven to simulate public, armpit and chest hair. The series was created for her graduate project at the  Design Academy Eindhoven, and includes: the Golden Rainbow Hairy High-waist Panties, Short Fizzy Hair Booty Briefs, Curly Armpit Hair Bra, and more. Check out more from the series below.

img_6_1403090349_ab84c21959da1638c055d9baf8477152 trichophilia-designboom-01 img_4_1403090349_a4d25484b622ea0b83d73b3389805f94 img_2_1403090349_ee780a27fed60e146e75b9f516127a67

Models: Vera de Pont and Fleur Hulleman
Photography: Mandy Roos
Clothing By: Magda and You Are Here

[via, designboom]


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