Preview: Been Trill X Harvey Nichols Collection


Good things are brewing over at Been Trill. These photos are for the most part extreme close ups of designs, hash tag city and… sneakers maybe? It’s all a tease that leads up to the brand’s upcoming collaboration with department store  Harvey Nichols. The luxury store enlisted the help from other designers (Kim Jones, Linda Farrow and Shaun Samson to name a few) to take part in the project. Check out more of the teaser photos below before the rejects upcoming release.

BEEN-TRILL-x-Harvey-Nichols-Collaboration-Collection-Preview-01-570x570 BEEN-TRILL-x-Harvey-Nichols-Collaboration-Collection-Preview-09-570x570 BEEN-TRILL-x-Harvey-Nichols-Collaboration-Collection-Preview-02-570x570
BEEN-TRILL-x-Harvey-Nichols-Collaboration-Collection-Preview-08-570x570 BEEN-TRILL-x-Harvey-Nichols-Collaboration-Collection-Preview-03-570x570 BEEN-TRILL-x-Harvey-Nichols-Collaboration-Collection-Preview-11-570x570 BEEN-TRILL-x-Harvey-Nichols-Collaboration-Collection-Preview-06-570x570 BEEN-TRILL-x-Harvey-Nichols-Collaboration-Collection-Preview-07-570x570


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