Rebecca Minkoff Resort 2015


Rebecca Minkoff releases the look book for her Resort 2015 collection. It’s bright, bold and full of summer flavored staples. The collection is inspired by the beautiful island of Ibiza. Though she admits to never traveling there, Minkoff says, she wanted the harness the “dichotomy between the island’s crazy nightclub scene and its bohemian coast.”

Featuring skirts, fringe bags, tops, blouses and jackets, there’s something for every woman in this collection. Dress it up or dress it down.

Minkoff says of the collection, “I wanted to capture the feeling of what it’s like taking in Ibiza for the first time, of looking on at windswept shores and bright blues skies, rocky cliffs and idyllic beaches, and feeling completely transported by the beauty.”

The collection is a perfect mix of feminine and masculine with a drop of the laid back aesthetic. Check out more from the collection below.

Rebecca-Minkoff-Resort-15-LOOK_06 Rebecca-Minkoff-Resort-15-LOOK_03 Rebecca-Minkoff-Resort-15-LOOK_10 Rebecca-Minkoff-Resort-15-LOOK_19 Rebecca-Minkoff-Resort-15-LOOK_01 Rebecca-Minkoff-Resort-15-LOOK_02 Rebecca-Minkoff-Resort-15-LOOK_04 Rebecca-Minkoff-Resort-15-LOOK_09 Rebecca-Minkoff-Resort-15-LOOK_20 Rebecca-Minkoff-Resort-15-LOOK_11 Rebecca-Minkoff-Resort-15-LOOK_18 Rebecca-Minkoff-Resort-15-LOOK_12 Rebecca-Minkoff-Resort-15-LOOK_17 Rebecca-Minkoff-Resort-15-LOOK_14 Rebecca-Minkoff-Resort-15-LOOK_08 Rebecca-Minkoff-Resort-15-LOOK_16 Rebecca-Minkoff-Resort-15-LOOK_05 Rebecca-Minkoff-Resort-15-LOOK_07 Rebecca-Minkoff-Resort-15-LOOK_15


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