Bat for Lashes X Beck: “Under the Indigo Moon”

English singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Natasha Khan, has released a short film called “Under the Indigo Moon”, featuring the track of the same name. In the film she wears pieces by fashion house YMC, in which she also designed a capsule fashion line with.  Produced by Neil Krug, the clip sees the musician dancing in a motel room, driving down Sunset Boulevard and hanging with drummer Gregory Rogove.

Not much happens in the short. Running under 2 minutes, the short seems to be more of a “let’s kill some time” type of piece, but it’s nice to look at anyway. Check it out.

tumblr_n6q894BBXo1qa4iv8o1_500 tumblr_n6q894BBXo1qa4iv8o3_500 tumblr_n6q894BBXo1qa4iv8o2_500 tumblr_n6q894BBXo1qa4iv8o4_500


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