Watch “A Day in the Life of Tim Friday,” The Exploration of Atlanta’s Afro-Punk Subculture

As if Atlanta wasn’t cool enough…

Artist and filmmaker Corey Davis recently screened his newest film, A Day in the Life of Tim FridayAnd it’s definitely worth a watch. Tim Friday follows the main character around the streets of Atlanta, partying, scoring weed, and riding his bike. Misadventures throughout the day lead him to a point of reflection, in which he questions his life. Sound familiar? In short, it’s pretty much a story about a man and his superficial desires.

Written by Sean Fahie, the short film is set against the backdrop of  Atlanta’s Afro-punk community, bringing light to a unique sub culture within the city. Shot in and around the Fourth Ward, Fairlie-Poplar district and other famous locations solidify Atlanta as a character in this tale of misadventure.

Check it out.



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