Lomography announces its first Instant Camera

There’s been a revival for instant photography if you haven’t noticed. With the growing popularity of Fujifilm’s Instax cameras and the Impossible Project, it looks like Lomography is following suit. The company is using Kickstarter to fund the Lomo Instant product, and has already met its goal of $100,000.

If you don’t know, Lomography has been creating vintage-esque toy film cameras for a long time, and I mean decades. But now, a first. The company announces its first camera to use instant film. Hipsters and Insta junkies rejoice!

The Lomo Instant uses Fujifilm’s Instax Mini film, and has a customizable look. The camera features a built-in wide-angle lens and will include fisheye and portrait lens attachments. The camera also offers automatic and manual shooting modes, support fort both multiple and long exposures, color gels for the flash, a tripod mount, and cable-release thread.

Looks pretty awesome, and based on how quickly they were able to raise their funds, it may prove to be a popular. Check out their kickstarter video, and more camera specs below.



camera specs:

film format: fujifilm instax mini film
exposure area: 42mm x 64mm
shutter speed: 1/125s / bulb
exposure compensations: +2/-2 exposure values
ejection mechanism: motorized
multiple exposures: yes
built-in flash guide number: 9(m)
automatic flash output: yes
battery supply: 6v
tripod mount: yes
cable release mount: yes
aperture: f/8, f/11, f/16, f/22, f/32


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