South Korea based contemporary label  YESIMFRENCH releases its latest offering for the Spring/ Summer collection. The collection is inspired by the film What the Day Owes the Night directed by Alexander Aready, and the book of the same name by Yasmina Khadra. This season’s installment feature a delicate palette of khaki, camp and pale blues with gold accents. Shot by photographer Inki Kang, the look book imagines model Hye Yeon Lee as French chic and is described as being “made from Algerian independence”. Check out more from the collection featuring crop tops, shorts, pants and a variety of accessories. Shop the collection here.


YESIMFRENCH_SS14_the_cool_hour__Page_04 YESIMFRENCH_SS14_the_cool_hour__Page_06 YESIMFRENCH_SS14_the_cool_hour__Page_03 YESIMFRENCH_SS14_the_cool_hour__Page_08 YESIMFRENCH_SS14_the_cool_hour__Page_09 YESIMFRENCH_SS14_the_cool_hour__Page_05


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