Literal Translated movie posters by Danish Ahmed


India-based illustrator and designer Danish Ahmed creates minimalist movie posters with literal translations, and they’re pretty funny. He developed an extensive series called Literal Movie Posters (of course) that includes gems like social media avatars (For the film Avatar) and my favorite, a foot actually kicking an ass (I’m sure you can guess which film that’s for) In short, the artist has turned the film and clever word play in effective designs.

Ahmed says the series stemmed from, “one of those moments when some random thought becomes stuck in your head. And then suddenly I would find so many movies that could have had very different, totally unconnected posters if we went by their exact titles!”

View more of the artist’s work below and check out Danish Ahmed on Behance

DanishAhmed8 DanishAhmed9 DanishAhmed1 DanishAhmed7 DanishAhmed13 DanishAhmed15 DanishAhmed6 DanishAhmed12 DanishAhmed14 DanishAhmed5 DanishAhmed2 DanishAhmed3 DanishAhmed16 DanishAhmed18 DanishAhmed10 DanishAhmed4 DanishAhmed11


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