Hand-Illustrated GIFs by Miranda Pfeiffer


LA based artist Miranda Pfeiffer makes looped animations that are absolutely hypnotizing to look at. Armed with tracing paper and mechanical pencils, she draws out each frame then imports them into Photoshop to create endless gif magic… cool right? Inspired by everyday objects, Pfeiffer turns the ordinary into the extraordinary with these mini surrealist scenes, while still maintaining a sense of reality.

In an interview with Giphy, Pfeiffer says;

“I’m interested in quiet art with a big presence. Unlike movies which require long periods of physical immobility and blast you with sound, the gif is something you can scroll by, almost not even noticing it. A gif demands only as much attention as you have to give it. Because they are brief and only have a visual component, when a gif is powerful, it’s done with economy and intelligence.”

Check out more of her work below, and view more gifs and creations on her Website and Tumblr

mirandapfeiffer001 mirandapfeiffer4 mirandapfeiffer5 mirandapfeiffer7 mirandapfeiffer002 mirandapfeiffer3 mirandapfeiffer6 mirandapfeiffer1 mirandapfeiffer2


via mymodernmet


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