MYOB Spring/ Summer 2014


Ummm, yes? New York by way of Tokyo based accessory brand M.Y.O.B. releases new pieces from their Spring / Summer 2014 collection featuring metals, symmetry and bold designs. The collection includes rings, necklaces and earrings. Check out more from the offering below.

myob_ss14_lookbook_the_cool_hour_14 myob_ss14_lookbook_the_cool_hour_5 myob_ss14_lookbook_the_cool_hour_21 myob_ss14_lookbook_the_cool_hour_12 myob_ss14_lookbook_the_cool_hour_4 myob_ss14_lookbook_the_cool_hour_22 myob_ss14_lookbook_the_cool_hour_7 myob_ss14_lookbook_the_cool_hour_11 myob_ss14_lookbook_the_cool_hour_3 myob_ss14_lookbook_the_cool_hour_6 myob_ss14_lookbook_the_cool_hour_10 myob_ss14_lookbook_the_cool_hour_15 myob_ss14_lookbook_the_cool_hour_17 myob_ss14_lookbook_the_cool_hour_19 myob_ss14_lookbook_the_cool_hour_20


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