Grind London 2014 Spring/Summer “Classic Summer Cuts” Lookbook


London has a summer? Huh.

Grind London releases photos from their latest look book titled “Classic Summer Cuts”. The look book is simple, yet effective, two young lovers in the park donning the unisex offerings of the brand with an ice cream truck in the background. Nothing says summer like ice cream trucks. The collection includes button ups, printed shorts, tees and other warm weather staples. Pick up the pieces from Grind London’s “Classic Summer Cuts” collection on the brand’s website now.


grind-london-2014-spring-summer-classic-summer-cuts-lookbook-10 grind-london-2014-spring-summer-classic-summer-cuts-lookbook-5 grind-london-2014-spring-summer-classic-summer-cuts-lookbook-2 grind-london-2014-spring-summer-classic-summer-cuts-lookbook-11 grind-london-2014-spring-summer-classic-summer-cuts-lookbook-7 grind-london-2014-spring-summer-classic-summer-cuts-lookbook-3 grind-london-2014-spring-summer-classic-summer-cuts-lookbook-4 grind-london-2014-spring-summer-classic-summer-cuts-lookbook-8 grind-london-2014-spring-summer-classic-summer-cuts-lookbook-12 grind-london-2014-spring-summer-classic-summer-cuts-lookbook-6


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