the bear sleeping bag by eiko ishizawa


Ofcourse you want to sleep inside a bear… Who doesn’t?

Netherlands based artist Eiko Ishizawa creates a sleeping bag with the appearance of a bear. The Great Sleeping Bear allows one to step in the inside and assume the role as king of the wilderness. Using zip enclosures to shut the bag right up to the mouth, the bag leaves enough room for the users head.

The unique sleeping bags are now available for purchase, and it doesn’t stop there. The artist is inviting owners of the protective bag to photograph themselves from inside to create a collage that conveys the freedoms animals should have to wander around freely and unthreatened. Take a closer look at the bag below.

(via designboom)


great-sleeping-bear-designboom-03 the-great-sleeping-bear-designboom-a great-sleeping-bear-designboom-01


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