Cali based fashion retailer Gypsum, releases photos from their latest look book for the Spring season titled “Neon Utopia”. Bright, vibrant and fun, the look book features model Rachel Y in warm weather staples like, tanks, short shorts and sunnies. Shot by Jared Thomas, the collection also feature crocheted bralettes and swimwear. Check out more from the look book below.

NeonUtopia-17_zps9418d34a NeonUtopia-16_zps5a992ca3 NeonUtopia-15_zpsbd14bcdf NeonUtopia-14_zps0e139386 NeonUtopia-13_zps88939e43 NeonUtopia-12_zps3f89a3d2 NeonUtopia-11_zps16b9c966 NeonUtopia-10_zpse095fd17 NeonUtopia-09_zps9bb417a4 NeonUtopia-08_zps5082a997 NeonUtopia-07_zps73d4dc3c NeonUtopia-06_zps5a25d7f1 NeonUtopia-05_zpsaf33e083 NeonUtopia-04_zps86f7c9be NeonUtopia-03_zps0a871818 NeonUtopia-02_zpsc626aa6e


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