Ceremic Busts by Jess Riva Cooper


Toronto-based artist Jess Riva Cooper has created a collection of ceramic busts covered in vegetation, flowers and weeds. Named “Viral Series”, the busts were created as part of an artist residency last fall at The Kohler Factory in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Regarding the series via email, Cooper says:

In my art practice I integrate colour, drawing, and clay to create installation-based artwork. I investigate fallen economic and environmental climates in regions such as Detroit, Michigan, where houses have become feral, disappearing behind ivy, trees and Kudzu vines that were planted generations ago. In my sculptures, the world sprouts plant matter. Colour and form burst forth from quiet gardens and bring chaos to ordered spaces. Nature reclaims its place by creeping over structures. Wild floral growth subverts past states, creating the preternatural from this transformation.

Several of the pieces will be displayed at The Wassaic Project beginning in June.









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