David Redon: Vintage American Ads recreating using Pop Icons

French artist David Redon uses vintage advertisements to create new ads featuring pop culture references. Using old billboards, ads and propaganda posters, the artist digitally retouches and manipulates ads with current artists in a way that relates to the original poster. For an example, the US Propaganda poster with Uncle Sam pointing with the phrase “I Want YOU For U.S. Army,” now features Andre 3000 with “Hey Ya” placed underneath. Check out the rest of the artists work below, and view more of his work here

david-redon-remixes-vintage-american-ads-with-pop-culture-icons-designboom-09 david-redon-remixes-vintage-american-ads-with-pop-culture-icons-designboom-13 david-redon-remixes-vintage-american-ads-with-pop-culture-icons-designboom-08 david-redon-remixes-vintage-american-ads-with-pop-culture-icons-designboom-14 david-redon-remixes-vintage-american-ads-with-pop-culture-icons-designboom-07 david-redon-remixes-vintage-american-ads-with-pop-culture-icons-designboom-06-1 david-redon-remixes-vintage-american-ads-with-pop-culture-icons-designboom-05 david-redon-remixes-vintage-american-ads-with-pop-culture-icons-designboom-11 david-redon-remixes-vintage-american-ads-with-pop-culture-icons-designboom-04 david-redon-remixes-vintage-american-ads-with-pop-culture-icons-designboom-10 david-redon-remixes-vintage-american-ads-with-pop-culture-icons-designboom-02

via designboom


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