Throwback Thursday: Madonna, “Human Nature”

I think it’s common knowledge that 90s Madonna was everything. The bondage-inspired video was directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino, and features Madonna and her dancers covered in PVC leather. The video was meant to ridicule the taboos our society places on the subject of sex. Released in 1994, was released on the coattails of Madonna’s Sex coffee table book and her fifth studio album EroticaIn March of 1994, she singer appeared as a guest on the Late Show hosted by David Letterman. Her appearance was a bit shocking for the time, using profanity that was required to be censored and handing Letterman a pair of her underwear and asking him to smell it. From the release of her sexually explicit book and album being released as well as the fire storm coming from her interview with Letterman, critics began to question if Madonna was a sexual renegade. Facing negative publicity from every direction, Madonna wrote and recorded “Human Nature” for her sixth album Bedtime Stories which eventually became the fourth single.

It’s definitely something. Take a look at the video if you’ve missed it. 


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