Intestine Tents by Andrea Hasler


This is amazing.

Swiss artist Andrea Hasler creates a location-specific body of work for the exhibition within the army barack placed on site. She installation event titled, “Embrace the Base,” is inspired by the barrack’s history. In the early 1980, 30,000 women joined hands around the perimeter of the base against nuclear weapons being held at the airbase.  The artist buds upon the context through the her sculptures’ medium.

Metaphorically, I am taking the notion of the tents which were on site during the women’s peace camp, as the container for emotions and ‘humanize’ these elements to create emotional surfaces.

The artist uses the model of an intestine to create two of the tents on the base, thus creatively exploring the possibilities of a nuclear explosion, and still holding on to the nurturing the concerns of the women who occupied the peace camps. Check out more from the artist’s exhibit below.

andrea hasler: embrace the base
corn exchange newbury & new greenham arts, berkshire
now through april 11th, 2014

fleshy intestine tents by andrea hasler recognize nuclear consequences







photos via design boom courtesy of andrea hasler


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