Beauty Tutorial Short Film by Thalia De Jong

thalia de jong films makeup as art for beauty tutorial film

This is super cool… Filmmaker Thalia De Jong created a short  for I love you magazine that presents a new way to look at beauty tutorials.

When it comes to video tutorials on youtube, unless the person you’re watching is funny, you’re often left turning on the mute button, listening to babbling having nothing to do with the actual makeup, (or if you’re like me) skipping ahead to the end of the video for the finished project. More often than not, confused as to how they got there, but unwilling to sit through the 15 – 20minute video again. For all you inpatient kids out there, this video’s for you.

De Jong’s short adds a bit of a twist to the standard beauty video using movement, sound, and a grid of images showing the steps to complete the process. Check out the video below.

project details:
director: thalia de jong
make-up artist: ellis faas
model: madeline dotman
director of photography: mirka laura severa & thalia de jong
editor: thalia de jong
music: flavia faas
camera equipment: cam-a-lot





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