Kitty Cash Releases “Love the Free” Mixtape


DJ Kitty Cash, has just released a compilation project, entitled  ‘Love the Free’ Mixtape. The mixtape features a wide variety of artists for the progressive R&B Mix. Artists like Melo X, Jesse Boykins III, and Sango. Running at about 40 minutes long, the mix takes you to a dream like state with a blend of mellow rap and organic vocals.  Favorite track of the mixtape, hands down, “The High”, by Kelela

See the full tracklist below, as well as the mixtape stream.


01. Kilo Kish – Love The Free (Intro)
02. Kelela – The High (Prod. Gifted & Blessed)
03. Phony Ppl – Baby, Meet My Lover
04. Jesse Boykins – Our Party
05. Jean Deaux – Find You (Feat. Sampha) (Prod. Sampha)
06. Michael Uzowuru – March 12th
07. Jimi Nixr – Crush
08. Kid A – Oh Me (Oh My) (Feat. Agoria) (Prod. Agoria)
09. Childish Major – Vietnam (Don’t Let It Fall)
10. Fwdslxsh & MD $ – Got Me Saying
11. Sango – 11:30
12. The Internet Interlude
13. Chippy Nonstop – Kitties with the Ca$h (Feat. Little Payne)
14. Marvel Alexander – It’s All That Stops
15. Justin Rose – Tomorrow’s Love
16. The GTW – Bleach Pool
17. Melo X – She’s On Fire
18. Vic Mensa – She Loves The Mirror (Prod. Cam)
19. DJ Thoth – Free Bliss (Outro) (Prod. The Super 3)


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