Winter Survival Guide Pt. 1


Feeling dry, flaky and chapped? Cold weather can take out the moisture in our skin and make our hair dry and brittle. Almost sucking the life out of us.But have no fear, SCARLET BODEGA has compiled a list of beauty products for hair, skin and lips to make the winter season just a little less ashy.

1. Carol’s Daughter Almond Cookie Bath and Body Oil – $20
CD’s Almond Cookie Bath and Body Oil is one of the best products you could use in this type of weather. It smells amazing. Ingredients include Soybean, Sweet Almond and Jojoba Oils. Sized at a mere 12 ounces, the oil lasts for a long time when used sparingly. A fast-absorbing, multi-purpose moisturizer for all skin types. Best when used right after a shower.

2. Aveda Tourmaline Charged Radiant Skin Refiner – $40
The product is a creamy, clay-based scrub that uses bamboo extract to exfoliate the skin. Then it energizes with Tourmaline, (One of nature’s most naturally energizing minerals) to leave the skin radiant and refined.

3. Organix Conditioner Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil – $8
The blend of Moroccan argan oil instantly penetrates the hair shaft to restore shine, moisture and softness while strengthening. Argan oil also doubles as a heat protectant, and is Paraben free. At the price of $8, this product is definitely worth it, and available at all Walgreens’ stores.

4. Shea Moisture Organic Lemongrass & Ginger Body Scrub – $10
SheaMoisture’s Lemongrass & Ginger Body Scrub is an amazing sugar scrub that exfoliates the skin with a light, fresh scent.
Made with natural organic ingredients, the scrub deeply moisturizes and repairs the skin with vitamins and essential fatty acids. Available at all Target locations.

5. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 – $22.50
Keep your lips smootha nd moisturized with Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment with SPF 15. With a blend of oils and waves the balm both hydrates and locks in moisture. Real sugar is an added ingredient as well. The lip treatment also includes a bit of blackcurrant oil and fatty acids to insure softness. For additional protection, the balm also includes antioxidant grapeseed polyphenols and vitamins A, C, and E as its ingredients.


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