Lil’ Debbie for Married to the Mob



When you think of women’s streetwear brands, the first thing that comes to mind is NYC’s Married to the Mob. Launched in 2004 by founder and CEO Leah McSweeney, MOB is one of the most prominent names in women’s streetwear.

For their latest collection, MOB names West Coast rapper, Lil’ Debbie as the face of the campaign. Donned in leopard prints,  graphic tees and sweatshirts, Married to the Mob proves once again that when it comes down to it, MOB reigns supreme.

lil-debbie-married-to-the-mob-photo-shoot-4 lil-debbie-married-to-the-mob-photo-shoot-3 lil-debbie-married-to-the-mob-photo-shoot-2 lil-debbie-married-to-the-mob-photo-shoot-7 lil-debbie-married-to-the-mob-photo-shoot-5


2 thoughts on “Lil’ Debbie for Married to the Mob

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  2. Reblogged this on pncssdanni and commented:
    Although I am a die-hard Kreyshawn fan, I still absolutely ADORE Lil’ Debbie! And with her rockin’ Leah’s MTTM gear, I’m even more in love. Found this blog and thought I’d share!

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